Taiwanese make-up brand

"Working with Beaunion is like digging a treasure!" This is the positive evaluation of our customers. Recalling that when we first met, the decision makers of the brand believed that the products must be purchased from well-known manufacturers such as Korea and Japan to have quality and innovative formulations. However, when Beaunion sales staff visited and proved the strength of the product many times, they finally impressed the brand and gave us the first cooperation opportunity, and this first-ever product: Concealer, astonished customers and consumers with its amazing concealing power. The effect of lightness and no mottled pattern thoroughly verifies that "Made In Taiwan" can also create products that are not inferior to foreign manufacturers. With the same location, the service will be faster and more accurate to the point. At the same time, the time for providing sample testing is also much shorter than cooperating with foreign manufacturers. At present, our company has successively cooperated with the brand and launched a number of products. Thank you to our customers for agreeing to try it out, and we hope we can bring more winning products to our customers.

The top three brands of Watsons makeup in Thailand

The cooperation with this brand customer is due to our regular participation in COSMOPACK ASIA HONG KONG every year. The development process between this customer and us can be said to be "True gold fears no fire". It turns out that customers have been observing us silently for a long time, and every year at the exhibition, they will definitely come to our booth to learn about new products and special formulations. Finally, in 2016, the customer contacted Beaunion actively after attending the exhibition, and the important reason was that the customer's gel eyeliner pens were dried up and unusable soon after they were purchased from other foundries. At that time, he took out a sample of the eyeliner pencil provided by Beaunion at the beauty show in 2013,They found that it was still so smooth and easy to use after so long, so they decided to hand over the order for the eyeliner to Beaunion. Since then, we have established a stable partnership with our customers, and the strength of our customers is obvious to all. They are sold in local Watsons in Thailand and well-known open-shelf makeup channels. In addition, we have developed new colors within half a year, and the order volume has continued to grow.

World-renowned American eyebrow brand

The sight of meeting the daughter of the founder of the brand for the first time is still fresh in my memory. We met at COSMOPACK ASIA HONG KONG in 2014. After a period of detailed discussion, we found out that the other party was a well-known American eyebrow expert,They use their original golden rule to create almost perfect brows that bring harmony and balance to the face. The guests handed us business cards at the exhibition and hoped that we could prepare samples of the most confident hot-selling products to send to the US company for the team to try,surprisingly and delightfully, we stand out among many excellent products. In the process of cooperating with customers, because they have formulated many requirements for quality and quality assurance testing, we see different worlds, train us to be more cautious in every step, and understand more about customers' persistence in products and the details they pay attention to. In the next few years, the territory of customers continued to expand, and they could be seen in Sephora stores all over the world, and the relative order volume was also gradually increasing.

Beauty brand owned by Indonesian retail giant

In 2019, we participated in the largest local beauty exhibition in Indonesia,Before that, we made an appointment with the person in charge of the largest local retail department store group to visit. When we arrived at the local area, we found out that even the hotel we stayed in was one of the companies of the group. This fate is really wonderful, and it fully shows the market share of customers in Indonesia. During the negotiation with the client, it was found that the client had a good impression of Taiwan. They have always heard about Taiwan's products and diligent work style, and they have also visited Taiwan many times. Therefore, it is safe to hand over the product to Beaunion. We have successively created a variety of hot-selling products for customers, such as: soft mist lip glaze, moisturizing fragrance spray, liquid eyeliner... and many other items.

Middle East Internet celebrity makeup artist brand

The content of the cooperation with the famous Middle Eastern Internet celebrity makeup artist is the lip gloss bottle,Customers use the bottle container from different perspectives, integrate their own brand characteristics, and make the product into a mini version of the pre-makeup moisturizing essence packaging material. This is also the first time that we have tried to use lip gloss packaging materials as face makeup and skin care products, we admire the creativity and imagination of our customers. Because the way of cooperating with this brand is the makeup empty packaging material we are good at, so customers hope that we can tailor a special bottle container belonging to the brand for them. After many trial molds, printing, and product stability tests, it can finally be shipped smoothly. So far, customers are also discussing with us to jointly develop other product packaging materials. We are very happy that Beaunion's packaging materials can be sold all over the world through the promotion of the brand.

British supermodel own brand

Dip-on eyebrow gel, the first product we developed in collaboration with a British supermodel, This product took advantage of the founder's high popularity when it was launched, and immediately achieved good sales results. The order was returned more than 4 times within a year, and the total number of orders placed has exceeded one million. This good result is beyond our expectation, and this product is actually the first product launched by the customer's brand. With this touchstone of success, guests increase their trust in us, then different products were developed such as: Body Brightening Spray. When working with UK clients, we found that our thinking was too cautious and conservative, resulting in many of our views being limited to the framework of past experience. When the guests put forward many imaginative ideas to us, we are often unable to understand them at the moment, but this is the interesting part. After repeated communication and testing, we slowly found the prototype of the product. Customers don't care how long it takes, they care more about whether we can propose matching products to fulfill their dreams. With the experience of working with them, we have also boldly challenged many seemingly impossible ideas to "everything is possible".

Beauty salons in department stores

Beauty salons are also one of our regular clients, and Beaunion's works can also be seen at the counter! The cooperation with the beauty salon brand originated in the era of the second generation chairman, at that time, the brand relied on the chairman's skin care products to assist in the development of many long-selling items.Since the beginning of cooperation in the 1980s, we are very grateful and cherish this special cooperative relationship. Customers are very willing to accept Beaunion's proposed formula, packaging and marketing. At present, the brand has set up more than 160 service locations across the country, and about 500 beauticians are carefully caring for the skin of customers. It is an honor for Beaunion to go hand in hand with the brand and grow together, and we also look forward to maintaining a long-term, friend-like partnership with each customer.
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