OEM Process

The one-stop service provided by Beaunion Colours Co., Ltd. is your best choice. With professional talents and over 50 years of experience, it not only allows you to have excellent product quality, but also has both efficiency,
and improves the competitiveness of customers with the shortest development cycle .

Step1: Demand Negotiation

Understand your demand for products (such as sales channels, order quantity...etc.), and plan exclusive product solutions for you.

Step2: Provide Quotation

Provide quotations on selected items and designs.

Step3: Product Development

Discuss development details such as: packaging material, formula selection, color selection, packaging method and printing design, etc.

Step4: Order Establishment And Payment Of Deposit

After confirming the order and paying the deposit.

Step5: Sample confirmation before mass production

Provide sample confirmation, after confirmation, it will be regarded as mass production standard.

Step6: Mass production

Entered into the cosmetic GMP manufacturing process.

Step7: Quality Inspection

Strict inspection is carried out before shipment to ensure the quality is correct.

Step8: Pay the balance and ship the goods

Send out a notice of completion, and ask the customer to pay the balance before shipment, and then arrange the shipment.

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