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Hand&Nails Cream

Containing vitamin E can repair cracked skin and anti-aging.
Containing urea, which effectively softens cutin and promotes metabolism.
Containing natural vegetable oils, especially olive oil and honey, can replenish moisture in your hands and make your hands soft and smooth.


During the pandemic period, this year has been stressful on our hand, due to the frequent handwashing and use of alcohol products like alcohol hand sanitizer. It makes our hand dry.

Some of the famous brands also launch hand creams, like L'OCCITANE, COSMETEX ROLAND, and Chanel. Let Beaunion tell you how to smart select your own brand product!

First of all, let's know more knowledge about our hands and what causes rough hands:
  • There are fewer sebum lines in the hand, it is easier to accelerate the aging of the skin after the loss of the water.
  • Excessive exposure to chemicals and various cleaning fluids in daily life, such as alcohol, dishwashing liquid, can aggravate cracked and chapped on the hand.
  • The average human skin metabolism is 28 days. The replacement of keratin will make the skin dry. If it is a lack of maintenance, it will make the hands dry.
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