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What is cosmetics contract manufacturing? How do you choose the right manufacturer?

Cosmetics contract manufacturing refers to entrusting the production of cosmetic brand products to professional contract manufacturers. If you are an entrepreneur planning to establish a cosmetics brand or are in search of high-quality cosmetics contract manufacturers, choosing the right contract manufacturer will be crucial. Before initiating collaboration, understanding the operation mode of cosmetics contract manufacturing and making adequate preparations beforehand will help ensure the production of high-quality products that meet market demands. Next, let's explore how to choose the right manufacturer!

What is cosmetics contract manufacturing?

Cosmetics contract manufacturing is a manufacturing model where professional contract manufacturers are commissioned to develop formulations and produce cosmetic products. It can be divided into the following three types: OEM, ODM, and OBM.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

OEM factories are responsible for producing products based on formulas provided by customers. However, customers are entirely responsible for the research and technology of the products. This model is suitable for companies that already have unique formulas and brands but lack manufacturing capabilities.

ODM (Original Design Manufacturer)

ODM factories are not only responsible for production but also participate in formula development. Customers can entrust the production of goods to the manufacturing factory according to their needs, allowing the manufacturer to have more autonomy in research and development. This model is suitable for companies that want to create unique products but lack sufficient technical support.

OBM (Original Brand Manufacturer)

OBM factories, in addition to production, also have their own brands. Customers can choose to use the manufacturing factory's brand directly or, through the factory's authorization, operate the brand independently. This model is suitable for companies that do not yet have their own brand but wish to enter the market through other brands.

Understanding these collaboration models allows brand owners to better assess their needs and goals, choosing the most suitable cosmetic OEM approach to maximize operational efficiency. Next, let us provide you with some recommendations for selecting an OEM factory.

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What preparations should be made before seeking cosmetic OEM services?

Establishing your own cosmetics brand is not a simple task, especially when searching for OEM manufacturers. It requires a thorough understanding of your own needs and a certain level of awareness of the manufacturing factory’s capabilities. Here are some preparatory steps to help you find the right cosmetic OEM factory.

    1.    Clarify Requirements

Firstly, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your own needs. Consider whether you have the capability and resources to develop cosmetic formulas, your familiarity with the market, and the budget available. For instance, if you can develop formulas independently, you may lean towards finding an OEM factory. If you have market expertise but lack research and development capabilities, an ODM factory might be preferred. Budget considerations will impact product quantity and quality. By clarifying your requirements, you can more accurately find a suitable OEM factory.

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2. Verify the Factory's Expertise in Cosmetic OEM

When selecting an OEM factory, it's essential to confirm if they are a professional cosmetic OEM manufacturer. Inquire about their relevant manufacturing licenses and whether their products comply with government-regulated cosmetic certification standards. Additionally, the factory should be aware of cosmetic industry regulations in the regions where your products will be sold, including ingredient restrictions, labeling requirements, and production process specifications. This ensures that the manufactured products meet all regulatory requirements.

3. Confirm OEM Details

Lastly, it's crucial to discuss and confirm collaboration details with the OEM factory. This includes understanding the general process of OEM, how to place orders, and the timelines for production and shipping. Inquire about additional services they may offer, such as inspection assistance, to ensure that all details align with your expectations and requirements. This thorough confirmation will help you avoid unnecessary complications in future collaborations.

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What are the advantages of Beaunion in cosmetics?

When selecting a contract manufacturer, it's important to consider not only their professional capabilities and technical expertise, but also evaluate the factory's experience and resources. Here are six major advantages of Beaunion in the cosmetics contract manufacturing field:

Professional Experience

As a professional cosmetics contract manufacturer, Beaunion has over 50 years of experience in cosmetics contract manufacturing. This extensive experience enables us to have a deep understanding of the details and key points in the cosmetics production process, ensuring product quality and safety. In addition to our long-term experience in cosmetics contract manufacturing, we also have over 20 years of experience in international trade. This allows us to expand our business beyond the local market and enter the international market. We have a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements, consumer preferences, and market trends in different countries and regions, enabling us to provide customers with more comprehensive services and explore broader business opportunities.

Packaging Materials

In the cosmetics industry, the importance of packaging materials cannot be underestimated. Aside from influencing the product's visual appeal, packaging directly affects consumers' usage experience and purchasing decisions. When consumers purchase cosmetics in stores or online, packaging is their first point of contact. Good packaging design can immediately catch their attention, increasing the likelihood of purchase. Beaunion, as a professional manufacturer specializing in cosmetics contract manufacturing, has its own pen barrel injection factory. This means we have more control over product packaging materials, ensuring the stability and consistency of packaging quality. In addition to ensuring packaging quality, we also have the advantage of controlling production efficiency. This enables us to more quickly meet customer demands, save production costs, and maintain product market competitiveness, helping customers succeed in the market.

Research and Development Team

As an expert in the field of cosmetics contract manufacturing, Beaunion has a professional research and development team with diverse backgrounds. This team brings together talents from chemistry, chemical engineering, cosmetics, including Taiwan-certified cosmetics safety assessor, and experienced cosmetics technical personnel. The diverse professional backgrounds ensure comprehensive consideration during the cosmetics research and production process. More importantly, Beaunion has over 10,000 stable formulations in cosmetics research and development. This means customers have a richer selection when looking for suitable product formulations. These stable formulations have been tested and verified over the long term, ensuring product stability and quality, allowing customers to confidently launch high-quality products.

Quality Inspection

We place great emphasis on quality inspection to ensure product quality and compliance with standards, adopting multiple measures. Firstly, our production environment is certified by ISO 22716, the international standard for cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). This indicates that the production process complies with strict quality management requirements, including raw material procurement, production, packaging, and quality inspection, to ensure product safety and reliability.

Furthermore, our clean factory covers an area of ​​1600 square meters (about 500 ping), equipped with professional automatic and semi-automatic production machinery to ensure production efficiency and consistency. We have also introduced German homogenizers to better disperse ingredients and reduce molecular size, improving product stability and quality. In addition, we use first-brand laboratory equipment with high precision and reliability to accurately test product ingredients and performance, ensuring that each batch of products meets standard requirements.

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Certification Documents

Cosmetics contract manufacturers undoubtedly place great importance on the quality and safety of their products. To ensure that customers' products meet all quality and safety standards, we can arrange for products to be tested by third-party inspection agencies to confirm compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Through this service, customers can save the hassle of arranging inspections themselves and dealing with related paperwork. Our professional team will be responsible for contacting and coordinating with certification agencies to ensure smooth testing processes and obtain certification documents, ensuring that customers' products gain market recognition and trust.

One-Stop Professional Service

As a cosmetics contract manufacturer providing one-stop professional services, we can offer comprehensive services from the initial concept of product development to the research and development of ingredients and packaging materials, manufacturing, filling, packaging, and final delivery of finished products. Such services can greatly save customers' time and effort. Customers do not need to communicate and coordinate with different suppliers repeatedly but can engage in comprehensive cooperation directly with us. Our professional team will continuously communicate with customers throughout the production process to ensure that their needs are fully understood and met. Furthermore, such services can ensure product quality and consistency. Since all production processes are under our control, we can strictly control every detail to ensure product quality meets the highest standards. One-stop professional services increase cooperation flexibility, and we are committed to being a trusted partner for customers in the field of cosmetics contract manufacturing, helping them succeed in the market.

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Cosmetics contract manufacturers are crucial partners for cosmetic brands. Through contract manufacturing, brands can access professional research and development, production services, and focus on their own marketing and brand promotion. Choosing the right contract manufacturer requires rigorous evaluation, including the manufacturer's professionalism, experience, service offerings, quality control, and more. In light of these considerations, whether it's a startup brand seeking a cosmetics contract manufacturer or an existing brand looking for more professional production services, Beaunion can provide professional, comprehensive, and high-quality cosmetics contract manufacturing services. To learn more, feel free tofill out the form to contact Beaunion immediately!

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