Round Tip Liquid Eyeliner

Cruelty-Free (Non-Animal Tested)
Vegan Formula avaliable
Round Tip


  1. Eyeliner with a small ball on the end, for easy drawing, the product does not spread, not smudge and does not break down.
  2. Easy to draw thin to thick line.
  3. An effortlessly gliding eyeliner enhances your eyes to next level. 
  4. Rich color and smooth texture, one swipe color last all day.  

How To Use​​​​​​ 

  1. Use less pressure to create a thinner line and add more pressure to create a bolder line or continue to layer until you achieve desired definition. 
  2. Use the speacial sphere ball tip eyeliner to easily draw the wing up cat eyeliner or natural looking.
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Liquid Eyeliner Introduction Video 

Liquid Eyeliner Specification

Ø: 10.7mm ; L: 12.2mm
Volume Net. Wt. 0.6 g
Material PS, Nylon Tip
Formulas Type Liquid
Storage Shelf Life : 36 Months
Period after Opening : 6 Months

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