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Can you provide bottle containers for Beaunion to fill?

Beaunion has a pen container factory, and we use Beaunion's exclusive packaging materials for pen cosmetics products. Beaunion also has many exclusive cosmetic container molds, and completely checks the product quality from the formula inner material to the packaging material, in order to provide customers with the best quality cosmetics.

If you want to use customer-supplied packaging materials, you need to confirm the quality of the packaging materials and the stability of the formula. If customer-supplied packaging materials need to be inspected after delivery to Beaunion, a packaging material inspection fee will be charged accordingly.

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BEAUNION has nearly 50 years of OEM experience. We have a professional R&D team. The product manufacturing process complies with the international regulations on cosmetics foreign trade in various countries. It provides one-stop production of high-quality services. 
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