Why Clean Beauty is so important?

Clean Beauty is one of the mainstreams in the beauty industry that you don’t want to miss out.

While there’s no official definition and standard yet, how could you find or identify a “clean” product? Here we are taking some guides approach to Clean Beauty!

What Does Clean Beauty Mean?

The most important element is “non-toxic”. A product is formulated without the ingredients that are harmful to human skin and health would be able to consider as clean beauty.There are some terms come along with clean very often, i.e. natural and organic.

What Is the Difference Between Clean Beauty and Natural Beauty?

Natural products are formulated with the ingredients which are sourced from natural; while clean products can be formulated with either natural or human-made ingredients. Both two terms are leading consumers in a good way to choose a better product. However, “natural” isn’t always representing "safe to use" or "healthy for human" ; some natural ingredients could be harmful without maintaining the stability by synthetic ingredients. 

What Is the Difference Between Organic and Clean Beauty?

Different from the clean beauty, organic products have to be certified by an official agent like USDA-Certified Organic or NSF Organic-Certified. The ingredients of the organic products are grown, harvested, manufactured and preserved with government-regulated term and without harmful chemicals.
When the clean beauty comes with an organic certification, it can be organic; however, it is not a requirement for clean beauty. 
Besides avoiding ingredients that have been banned in US (FDA) and EU, Beaunion can take you steps further. Take “Clean at Sephora” as reference, here we name just a few unpleased ingredients: parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, SLS and SLES, formaldehyde……etc. 
We believe you have some ideas about clean beauty products, contact us to develop your clean products! 












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